Tree Fellers Alberton Johannesburg: Tree Felling Alberton
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Tree Fellers in Alberton

Tree Fellers in Alberton

Tree  Felling Johannesburg offers tree felling services, tree removal services, stump removal services and gardening services throughout Alberton, and other suburbs in Johannesburg, and we have been doing this for the past 12 years. Our team is able to work on small and big projects in the residential and commercial spheres and would welcome the opportunity to be of service to you.


Our tree fellers in Alberton are not only competent, but we have committed to using only the best equipment to safely and efficiently remove trees off your property.

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At Tree Felling Johannesburg, we are in the business of tree felling throughout Alberton. We offer tree felling, tree removals, stump removals and garden maintenance services.

We have been taking care of trees and removing the unwanted ones in Alberton for years and we are dedicated and committed to providing the best tree felling and tree removal services that we can.


Lets be honest, teees are great to have . . . but only if they they are healthy and not causing damage to property. If they are too close to the house and are inteffering with the property structure or pushing and damaging the walls or getting the pool to get clogged up because of the excess leaves, then you need to get professional tree fellers to come and get the stuation under control.


Tree felling and the process it takes of doing it properly, safely and professionally is complex and requires a professional tree felling company like ours. Safety remains our primary concern with every project that we do, and we take every precaution to ensure that everyone is safe.


As a Tree Felling Company in Alberton, Our Core Services Include:

  • Tree Felling in Alberton
  • Tree Removals in Alberton
  • Stump Removals in Alberton
  • Tree Pruning and trimming in Alberton
  • Garden Services in Alberton


Our tree felling services are perfect for residential and commercial properties throughout Alberton.


We have done work for many homes, schools, shopping centres, civil contractors and many more. The techniques and equipment that we use for tree felling will depend on where the tree is, how big it is and it’s shape and whether it is heaving health issues.


Our tree felling services are fully insured, and we cut all types of trees. At Alberton Tree Felling Services we are standing by, ready to provide you with outstanding service. Your satisfaction is our #1 concern, get a quote today at 065 863 9031.


For your convenience, we also offer free quotes and a 24-hour emergency call out service. Contact 065 863 9031 or 061 465 0448.

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